About us

Our eco-camping,

which we try to run as sustainable as possible, is located on the North-West side of lake Balaton. Here you will find our location, with it’s fabulous view over the small village of Zalaszántó, parts of the Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park and the mountains beyond, on one of the slopes of an old wine mountain. We live on top, and the camping is situated on the lower side of of our property. Here we have created five camping spots, and a fully equipped yurt. We can host two campers, up to 6 meter, and three tents. Parking is on the camping site.
Because of the close proximity of the only initiated Buddhist Peace Stupa in Europe, and the peace and tranquillity it breathes, we try to extend that atmosphere to our camping. Our goal is not to simply create a durable and sustainable location, but to offer you a place where you can escape the stress and hurried western lifestyle for a moment. The Stupa, which was initiated by the Dalai Lama in 1993, is just, as the crows fly, 350 meters away. However, it can be reached by foot within 15 minutes, and you can visit it every day. But if you prefer a lesser spiritual holiday, a similar atmosphere can be found in the surrounding mountains and forests. Here you can wander around for hours and enjoy the views and local flora and fauna. Don’t be surprised if you see a bee-eater or a honey buzzard, or many of the other riches these woods and lands have to offer.

And then of course the many bright nights and the countless stars you can see, wow…..        Carpe noctem

We are Corrie and Ben,

and we exchanged the Netherlands in early 2017, for new adventures in Hungary. Together with our dog Hestia we switched Franeker, a small town in Fryslân, in the northern part of the Netherlands, for a relaxing and stress free life in Hungary. We had the idea to start something for ourselves for some time. But for some reason we never came to it. It is when our employers initiated the umpteenth illogical reorganisation, that we finally made the decision. We booked a holiday in Hungary, and we were so impressed by the peace and beauty of the country, and the friendliness and openness of the Hungarian people, that, once back in Franeker, we focused our quest on Hungary.

So we quit our jobs, packed all our belongings, and burnt all our ships behind us.

( what’s a nice metaphor as our last house was a self build houseboat in Franeker   )

Our first adventure was a nicely renovated farmhouse in Magyarkeszi, on the north-east side of lake Balaton. Here we took the time to unwind, we kept some sheep, chickens and grew our own vegetables. The house was at the bottom of a valley, and after driving around in the country we quickly discovered that there were some very nice places on top of hills. During a drive about, we spotted a nice tiny wine house. Once up on the mountain, it was love at first sight. And although the house was really tiny, the view, the atmosphere, the tranquillity and the silence where absolutely breathtaking. So we bought the house, sold the farmhouse and moved in at the beginning of 2019. After some time we were also able to get the adjacent properties. And in the summer of 2020 we tend to have our small eco-camping ready, and hope we can share this very special place with you.