During holiday you only really feel that life is meant to be different!

We are working hard to create a beautiful place.

You can book our yurt from 1 May 2020.

Do you have any questions or would you like to book permanently? Feel free to send us an e-mail.


a Diófa

“a Diófa” is Hungarian for “the Walnut Tree”. We chose this name because of the more than 75 year old walnut tree which stands at the end of our former property in Magyarkeszi. On our location in Zalaszántó we also  have an old walnut, which also, without any doubt, honours our name.

Who are we!

We are Corrie and Ben, come from Fryslân in the Northern part of the Netherlands, and we fell in love with Hungary. After our first adventure in Magyarkeszi we continue it in Zalaszántó, where we bought a beautiful piece of land with a fabulous view. Here we live with our 2 dogs (Hestia and Lady), 2 cats (Bella and Jem) and some chickens. And starting 2020 we hope to receive you again as guests in our Yurta.

Hungary at its prettiest!​

Hungary offers plenty of peace, quiet, beautiful landscapes and friendly people.​

But you really experience Hungary when you taste her……..

How is the weather in Zalaszántó.
Luchtvochtigheid: 100%
Windkracht: 1m/s ZW
Max 18 • Min 15

    Világosvári út 780
     8353 Zalaszántó