Who are we?

We are Corrie and Ben and we have exchanged the Netherlands for new adventures in Hungary. Together with our dog Hestia we made the step from Franeker, a small town in Fryslan in the northern part of the Netherlands, to Magyarkeszi. There we bought end of 2016 a piece of land, and traded our houseboat for a Hungarian farmhouse. For 2 years we lived here with great pleasure together with our 2 dogs (Hestia and Lady), 2 cats (Bella and Jem), 4 sheep and some chickens. End of 2018 we ran into a beautiful spot in Zalaszántó with a fabulous view. Here we will continue our adventures and further develop our business activities.

Why Hungary?

For a number of years we had the idea to start something for ourselves. And when our employers had to start the umpteenth reorganisation we finally made the decision. After exploring our options we rented a cottage in Hungary (Zavod). We were so impressed by the peace and beauty of Hungary and the friendliness of the Hungarian people, that once back in Franeker, we focused our quest on Hungary.

So we quit our jobs, packed all our belongings, and burnt all our ships behind us.

(what’s a nice metaphor as our last house was a self build houseboat in Franeker  )

The location of the property in the beautiful agricultural landscape appealed to us, but also the peace and tranquillity that Magyarkeszi, a typical Hungarian village, radiated was very contagious. The central location between a variety of sights, also played a role in our choice. We lived here with great pleasure for 2 years.

Even more tranquility and silence!

We’re continuing our Hungarian adventures in Zalaszántó, a small village in the Zala county on the North-West side of lake Balaton. Here we bought a small wine house on a wine mountain, with a fabulous view over the village and the nature reserve and mountains beyond

The peace and tranquillity this site breathes appealed to us. Which, without any doubt, is partly caused by the atmosphere that the Peace Stupa, a in 1993 by the Dalai Lama initiated Buddhist temple, creates. And which is only, as the crows fly, 350 meters away from us.

There are moments that it is so quite, that your ears start fooling you hearing sounds that are not there. But normally you only hear the sounds of birds, the wind through the trees, and animals in the area.

And then of course also the many bright nights and the countless stars you can see, wow…..
The last time we saw so many stars in the sky in the Netherlands, was when we were still very young.

Carpe noctem